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May 12, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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Business Process Discovery explained

Business process discovery, also called process discovery, is a collection of tools and techniques used to define, map and analyze an organization’s existing business processes. Along with business process modeling, it is widely viewed as critical for successful business process management (BPM) initiatives; in fact, it is often an initial step in BPM. 

Process discovery’s analysis of the current state of an organization’s business processes provides a baseline for process improvements and identifies key problem areas to be addressed by BPM, eliminating guesswork. Process discovery tools and techniques can be manual or automated, including the use of business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA). (source:


Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) is an emerging field that discovers the business processes based on examining the electronic footprints the users leave in the IT assets supporting the process. This allows the business process to be automatically discovered and documented in near real time. Approaching the business process ‘bottoms-up’ from the detailed facts of instances of the process provides a detailed depiction of the business process, complete with all the nuances of the process, complete with detailed statistical information on how often different variations of the process are executed, how long it takes, what data conditions give rise to process variations, and what variations there are between different users or groups. (source:


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