1Why should I use AutoProcessDiscovery.com?
The purpose with AutoProcessDiscovery.com is to make the service available for everybody. It is designed to be super simple to use, yet very powerful. This service will visualize Your as-is business processes based on simple event data from Your IT system.
2What do I need to do to get my own as-is processes?
You only need to extract simple event data (logs) from Your own IT system that You use to run Your business process in. Then upload the data to AutoProcessDiscovery.com and the actual business process ("as-is") will be automatically visualized for you.
3Is my business data safe with AutoProcessDiscovery.com?
Yes, Your data is very safe with us, by design. Your data is completely separated for other clients data. Also, the solution is build to only use a minimum amount of data fields, so very little business data is stored and no personal data is used or stored.
4What is RoboAdvice?
With RoboAdvice – we are introducing automated consultancy. Meaning that based on the data model we create for You, we can also automatically high light some areas on interest for You. The purpose is to save time and money for You, and to speed up Your improvement journey.
5Are the payment safe?
Yes, we offer two different payment services, Paypal and Stripe, both are considered to be very safe. Please let us know if You have any doubts about the payments services.
6I already have an account, and now my colleague would like to start using the Service, what do we need to do?
The only thing You need to do is to upgrade Your account to an Enterprise account. Then you can share the account with Your colleague.
7I like to end my subscription, how do I do that?
No problem; just log in, select Member from the main menu, select Subscription and then Delete. This will terminate the scheduled payment of the yearly fee, and close Your account. You uploaded data will be deleted also. You are always very welcome back.