Main benefits of process mining
May 28, 2017
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June 4, 2017
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Main applications of process mining

Achieving Excellence

“Process Mining basically supports 3 main process management disciplines:

  1. Business Process discovery: which is the graphical representation – say the reconstruction based on event logs – of an organisation’s current business processes; including possible process variants. This means that you can obtain process models – even process animations – from event logs.
  2. Conformance checking: this enables the comparison of an existing process model to an event log of the same process, so you can check if reality, as recorded in the log, conforms to the process model and vice-versa. This is convenient to check whether (business) rules have been respected or not.
  3. Business Process enhancement & improvement: thanks to the graphs and the metrics that you can get from process mining algorithms, it is easier to detect bottlenecks, to see which resources are the most utilised or under-utilised, etc.  The many analytical views you can get, facilitate the detection of causes of inefficiencies or errors within a business process.” [source:]


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