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May 23, 2017
Main applications of process mining
June 1, 2017
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Main benefits of process mining

“Here are the main benefits of Process Mining, according to a survey by J. Claes and G.Poels :

Objectivity: facts never lie; and as event logs reflect how a process (instance) has been executed, process discovery – thus the representation of how processes have really been run – is highly objective. The processesClaes & Poels Benefits models reconstructed through process mining are not subject to perceptual bias, in contrast to models obtained by interview.

Speed: though you always need a first basic understanding of the business upfront (e.g. to assess which event logs will be relevant to be analysed), it is obvious that reproducing process diagrams through process mining techniques may considerably speed up activities like process mapping and modelling.

Little effort (efficiency): process discovery through process mining enables a considerable increase of efficiency thanks to the fact that you most often need less workshops and interviews of business people.

Completeness: when analysing relevant and consistent event logs, you will quite easily distinguish the mainstream process from other process variants or exceptions. At least, you will be able to spot the variants and exceptions, which you may ignore without process mining.

Transparency:  going along with objectivity, process mining also enables to “drill-down to the facts” to obtain details about who executed a transaction, at what time, etc. It helps to get even more transparency on how the organisation really works.

Conformance: like explained previously, process mining allows to identify quite easily non-conformances against the expected or defined process.

Root-causes & bottlenecks: allow to (more) easily find out root causes, bottlenecks, etc.; this obviously eases (continuous) process improvement practices.

Predictions & simulations: Based on facts, it is possible to predict future process behaviour. Event logs also allow to make even more reliable process simulations than the ones purely based on theoretical assumptions.” [source:]


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